Privacy Policy

The Ace Centre respects the privacy of the users of its website. Details of our privacy policy are given below.


Details submitted through registration forms will only be used for the purposes indicated. If information is to be used for other purposes, such as the selective dissemination of Ace Centre information, this will be stated and the facility to opt out will be provided in line with data protection legislation.

Online Purchases

Where purchases are made online from the Ace Centre, you will be asked to complete a form giving your name, delivery or billing address and payment details. This information will only be used for the purposes of processing the order.

Usage tracking

The Ace Centre tracks user traffic and usage patterns throughout the site, but this information is not correlated with data about individual users. The Ace Centre does, however, break down statistics to analyse the domain name and browser type of visitors to the site. This information is used to ensure that the website and its content is meeting the needs and the interests of the majority of visitors.

The Ace Centre website does not currently use cookies to track user traffic patterns, but cookies are used to provide certain facilities on the site, such as the automatic delivery of content best suited to the browser in use.

Sharing of the information gathered

The Ace Centre will only use the information gathered for the purposes outlined at the point of registration and in line with current data protection legislation. We do not share information about individual users with third parties. Any exception to this will be clearly stated and users will be given the opportunity to opt out.

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